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Noun1.Singapore dollar - the basic unit of money in SingaporeSingapore dollar - the basic unit of money in Singapore
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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Other important currencies that appreciated against the rupee were Malaysian ringgit 14pc, Singaporean dollar 12.
7 percent; the Singaporean dollar, up 7 percent; the Indian rupee, up 5.
Called 'Project Ubin,' the project saw the central bank develop and issue digital tokens of the Singaporean dollar on a private Ethereum blockchain.
The Singaporean dollar has gained 10 percent against the British pound since the referendum, eroding the value of assets held in Britain.
Tourists were also cautious about spending, with the Singaporean dollar continuing to be strong compared to the currencies of neighbouring countries.
Singapore outstripped Tokyo as the world's most expensive city for expatriates, with the EIU citing a strong Singaporean dollar, high price of utilities and cost of car ownership as among the factors contributing to Singapore taking the top spot.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore, he added, is considered one of the main reasons behind the success of the Singaporean economy, as it adopted a highly dynamic exchange rate policy that tied the Singaporean dollar to a balanced and secret basket of currencies that are tied to its foreign trade structure.
17% against the euro, with the South Korean won, Indonesian rupiah and Singaporean dollar all falling by over 1%.
18 billion Singaporean dollar partial takeover launched in May for Parkway Holdings.
The Malaysian ringgit and the Singaporean dollar seem to have followed along the same path as the kip and renminbi until May of 2008, when the ringgit and the Singaporean dollar began a period of depreciation against the U.
The Singaporean dollar is traded within an undisclosed band.
The yen depreciation put pressure on other regional currencies such as Singaporean dollar, Taiwan dollar fell from 33.