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Noun1.Singan - a city of central ChinaSingan - a city of central China; capital of ancient Chinese empire 221-206 BC
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
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Tenders are invited for T02 In Bela Singar Moti Panchyat To Dhobiyahi (Rest Part)
The second unfortunate incident, took place in the area of Sherani Singar area where unidentified area opened fired on the passenger bus on the way from Rawalpindi to Quetta.
Bayan Alyas, 27 years old women from one of the villages of Singar, told the Kurdish Globe her sad and tragic story.
Fabius noted that his visit to Iraq aims to explore the possibility of delivering humanitarian assistance to the minorities who bear the brunt of the unrest in north Iraq, particularly in Singar city in Iraq's northwestern governorate of Nineveh.
Mustafa Singar, North Sinai correspondent with Shorouk News, stated that, "we stand today to express our support for freedom of speech, along with the freedom of our colleague Abu Der.
In September 2007, when American forces raided an Iraqi insurgent camp in the desert town of Singar near the Syrian border, they discovered biographies of more than 700 foreign fighters.