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 (hē′kə-mə, hĭk′ə-)
A crisp, sweet turnip-shaped root vegetable (Pachyrhizus erosus) used raw in salads or cooked in stews. Also called yam bean.

[American Spanish jícama, from Nahuatl xīcamatl.]


(dʒɪˈkɑːmə; Spanish xɪkama)
(Cookery) a pale brown turnip with crisp sweet flesh, originating in Mexico
[C17: from Mexican Spanish jícama, from Nahuatl xicama]


(ˈhi kə mə, ˈhɪk ə-)

n., pl. -mas.
1. the large tuberous root of a tropical American twining plant, Exogonium bracteotum, of the legume family, eaten raw or cooked.
2. the plant itself.
[1900–05; < Mexican Spanish jícama < Nahuatl xīcama, xīcamatl]
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In fact, if you think about it, it is the food that all of us grew up with such as langka, mangosteen, malunggay and singkamas that are being hailed as the new 'superfoods' worldwide.
Cruz, Singkamas, Tejeros, and Kasilawan); January 11 (Carmona, Olympia, Valenzuela, Poblacion, and Guadalupe Viejo); January 12 (Guadalupe Nuevo, Pinagkaisahan, Pitogo, Cembo, and South Cembo); and January 15 (West Rembo, East Rembo, Comembo, Pembo, and Rizal).
Shred carrots, Baguio beans, cabbage, singkamas, pressed bean curd and the lean pork.
Cruz, Singkamas, Tejeros and Kasilawan on October 11, followed by Carmona, Olympia, Valenzuela, and Poblacion on October 12.
Vivien Manalastas, Makati Acting Mayor Kid PeAaAaAeA~a said simultaneous free anti-rabies vaccinati will be conducted in the barangay halls of eight barangays namely, Kasilawan, La Paz, Singkamas, Tejeros, Bangkal, Olympia, Palanan and Valenzuela on September 26, 2015 from 8am to 3pm.
Cucumber, singkamas, and baby carrots are not only hydrating but also go well with plain yogurt, seasoned with garlic powder or spring onion.
For people familiar with Cebuano cooking, what makes Hukad truly Cebuano is the ngohiong-lumpia (spring roll) with chopped ubod (coconut pith), though it can contain singkamas (jicama) or bamboo shoots.
Romulo Sapitula, Eastern Police District director, said DVD vendor Salik Maomin, a native of Lanao del Sur, was arrested in his house on Singkamas St.
They also added their own tab tim krob (rubies in coconut milk) made of singkamas coated in grenadine and tapioca starch.
The attack in Tejeros happened on the same day three persons were shot dead by men in police uniforms in neighboring Barangay Singkamas.
The catfish, on the other hand, metamorphosed into a croquette, served with a coulis of fresh malunggay leaves and singkamas dusted with malunggay powder.
Her Nutcracker Box had lechon de leche belly, singkamas, prosciutto and mozzarella lollipops, among other surprises.