Single position

(Arith.) the method of solving problems, in which the result obtained by operating with an assumed number is to the true result as the number assumed is to the number required.

See also: Position

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Great match, wrestled for a full six minutes and fought through every single position," Mucha said.
There was a single position of all security officials aimed to reduce pressure on business, as reaction of the firm position of the President, Government and Parliament.
When I started playing ball, for some odd reason, I could learn every single position on the floor all at one time.
By: Nancy Ragab ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - 28 August 2017 : The African Fish Eagle is a tough bird that feeds mostly on fish as its name suggests; having the unique ability to fly in a single position before flying eagerly and precisely towards its catch.
Rossiyskaya Gazeta reported that the Syrian Army has deployed two different types of Howitzer artillery pieces of 120mm caliber D-30 and 152mm caliber 2A65 msta B at a single position to target terrorists' concentration centers.
Ecop filed a single position paper dated May 16 against 25 separate HBs that are pending deliberation before the House committee on labor and employment, addressing it to Committee Chair 3rd District of Cagayan Rep.
Every single position is under threat because of that - whether it's goalkeeper, striker, everyone.
The Brazilian said: "I think it's clear that we have very good players in every single position - and not just one good player, I would say we have two teams you could put out to get you results.
With Highfield just one point and a single position above the Beach Close boys, David Harris' men may fancy their chances of success.
Anyone who has watched us in preseason and the opening game knows we have very strong competition in every single position, and I had to make some hard decisions for the Brentford game.
But he's a top player and can play in every single position.

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