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A variety of English spoken in Singapore.

[Blend of Singapore and English.]


(Languages) a variety of English spoken in Singapore, incorporating elements of Chinese and Malay
[C20: from a blend of Singaporean + English]
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The Hokkien or Singlish word kiasu, which means "fear of losing" or "fear of missing out," typifies this behavior.
This ongoing battle between old and new is somewhat reminiscent of the great Singlish debate, which has patriotic proponents rooting for the preservation and proliferation of Singapore's unique, creole twist on English, and naysayers cringing at its disregard for conventional grammar.
By contrast, the colloquial Singaporean English known as Singlish, which contains elements taken from Indic and Sinitic languages, is considered a substandard patois by the state which may help explain, perhaps, the distorted syntax of Wong's film titles.
She recanvassed ideas explored in the literature of the 1990s and early 2000s on global English (Kachru, 1996; Pakir, 1997; Pakir, 2002), beyond its global use as a communicative tool of business and multicultural social interaction to consideration of its local use, as Singlish, with its own lexicon and ways of communicating with Singaporeans, in a form that may not be understood in all other English speaking locations.
The first author used Singlish when conducting the interviews, which is a basilectal dialect that draws its roots from several Chinese dialects, Malay, Tamil, and English (Chew, 2006).
But some fear that the island's unique patois, known as Singlish, could be lost and with it an important cultural glue unifying the multiethnic, multi-religious city-state.
The second edition includes extended coverage of English as a Lingua Franca and China English; updated units on Singlish and Estuary English; new readings by David Crystal, Hu Xiao Qiong and Barbara Seidlhofer; and revised references, examples, and exercises.
This has produced Spanglish, a hybrid familiar to Americans, especially those who reside in Latin American immigration centers, and also Chinglish in Hong Kong, Singlish in Singapore, Yorlish among Yoruba-speakers in Lagos, Nigeria, and Yinglish among Yiddish-speaking immigrants in the United States and the United Kingdom.
However, PACE expressed concerns over the presence of Singlish, in particular, in some local children's productions.
One particular podcast captured the public's attention; it featured a fictitious exchange, in a mixture of Hokkien and Singlish, between Jeff Lopez and a mince meat noodle seller (such noodles are known in the Hokkien dialect as 'bak chor mee').
The comments made on Hindi are like a Singaporean who speaks Singlish (Singaporean English) saying that Singlish spoken in Singapore is the real English and not what is spoken in the UK.
is edited by Joe Lewis and Ellen Bernstein (Oak Park, Michigan: The Singlish Publishing Society, 1998).