Sinister aspect

(Astrol.) an appearance of two planets happening according to the succession of the signs, as Saturn in Aries, and Mars in the same degree of Gemini.

See also: Sinister

References in classic literature ?
The Grève had then that sinister aspect which it preserves to-day from the execrable ideas which it awakens, and from the sombre town hall of Dominique Bocador, which has replaced the Pillared House.
He had lived some time among the Crows, so as to become acquainted with their language and customs; and was, withal, a dogged, sullen, silent fellow, with a sinister aspect, and more of the savage than the civilized man in his appearance.
This sinister aspect of his heritage is the subject of the first of a new series of Dylan ar Daith (Dylan on Tour), which profiles prominent Welsh figures from the past who made their mark often in faraway lands.
But Mr Wilson said he had been aware of the sinister aspect of some clown portrayals - exemplified by Chucky in the Child's Play horror film series - even when the Clown Doctors programme started.
But it seems that the twist and rock n roll phase may be entering into a different and sinister aspect if such types of entertainment become more widespread.
The sinister aspect of the theft of the car was that he had clearly kept watch at his victim's property for many days - and stole it the very night it returned.
The "neo-Luddite" group who kick-start the plot by trying to assassinate our hero aren't exactly evil (they even have a teenage kid in their ranks), while the global reach of the internet has a sinister aspect.
Judge Parker told Midgley: "I am satisfied, now we have determined there is no sinister aspect.
But a far more sinister aspect is how our justice system is being undermined by the cuts being wielded on both the police and CPS by our Government.
There is a sinister aspect to this double standard.
Hook's amiably unreconstructed blokeishness takes on a more sinister aspect as the culture he celebrates becomes complicit in the book's central tragedy.