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A satellite of Jupiter.

[Latin Sinōpē, woman said to have been unsuccessfully courted by Zeus, from Greek.]


(Astronomy) a small outer satellite of the planet Jupiter
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The danger ensconced in the christological concentration was evident early on in the proposals of Marcion of Sinope and Manichaeism that, while officially repulsed, still haunted Christian theology and preaching from time to time.
6) Las Nueve Heroinas se componen de seis amazonas: Sinope, Hipolita y su hermana Menalipe, Pentesilea, Lampedo y Tamiris; y tres reinas o princesas paganas: Teuca, Semiramis y Delfila.
The first ecclesiastic of the first century Christian movement to compile an anthology sacred writings and advocate them as a canon of scripture for Christian study and theology, Marcion of Sinope (c.
Sinope (Jupiter IX) discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson on photographs taken with the 36-inch Crossley reflector of the Lick Observatory.
HOW MUCH: PS84,950 WHO: Oulsnam 0121 451 1331 WHERE: Sinope Building, Sherborne Street WHAT: Contemporary one-bedroom apartment situated in the awardwinning Sinope Building within the Jupiter development.
In 1837 the French navy adopted explosive shells, the value of which was clearly demonstrated by the Russian victory over the Turks at Sinope in 1853.
The biennial is presented under the conceptual framework "Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Era of Corrupted Information," designed as "homage to Diogenes of Sinope, one of the Cynic philosophers of ancient Greece, who not only did defend the importance of simplicity in life but also practiced it in his daily life," according to the biennial's website, http://sinopale.
What a pity that IDS does not possess a fraction of the empathy of Alexander the Great, who appreciated the value and wisdom of even the homeless philosopher, Diogenes of Sinope and stated that: "were I not Alexander, I would (want to) be Diogenes".
Take, for example, Diogenes of Sinope (known in his time as Diogenes the Dog).
Sinope and later Amastris afforded ports for the shortest direct voyage to the Crimea, a route functioning from the late 5th century BC.
Archaeologists and historians review findings at the city of Sinope (now Sinop) on the Black Sea coast of Turkey in 19 papers, six of them in French.