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A satellite of Jupiter.

[Latin Sinōpē, woman said to have been unsuccessfully courted by Zeus, from Greek.]


(Astronomy) a small outer satellite of the planet Jupiter
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Among the maps are the Ionian Islands under British protection in 1809, an Ottoman fleet and combined Russian fleet sail to the Black Sea port of Sinope in October and November 1853, and the August 1913 Treaty of Bucharest forces Bulgaria to cede the southern Dubruga to Romania.
Glorious DMC, Acenzi Travel, Sinope Tours, Aleria Travel & Leisure, Mahima Tours, BekTravel, Perfect Travel and Amari Tour are only some of those who initiated meetings to learn more about Macedonia and the ways in which they can establish cooperation.
The ships made their way up to Constantinople in a show of force, but Russia was undeterred, having already destroyed the Turkish Black Sea fleet anchored in the Anatolian port of Sinope in November 1853 while Russian armies advanced across the Danube and into eastern Anatolia.
L'entreprise a par ailleurs galement profit de la nette remonte du cours de baril, en hausse de 11% en moyenne sur l'ensemble du troisiAaAaAeA trimestre par rapport la mAaAaAeAnme priode de 2016, selon Sinope
No cabe duda de que la vision de Nietzsche de la educacion oculta en su interior la leccion de Socrates, pero tambien la de ese otro Socrates enloquecido que fue Diogenes de Sinope.
For artists working in monasteries around the British isles, for example, illumination would bring together local English woad with exotic stuffs, whose names often recalled their origins: Polish cochineal, Armenian reds, Tyrian purple hauled from the Mediterranean, cinnabar from Sinope, indigo from India, and from Afghanistan, the fabulously expensive dust of lapis lazuli, called ultramarine for its origins beyond the sea.
La ultima frase expresada por Castracani corresponde segun el libro de Laercio a Diogenes de Sinope.
In the twin homes, the standard programmable thermostats typically seen in homes have been replaced with modified Sinope communicating thermostats (Sinope Technologies 2015).
When the Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynicism Diogenes of Sinope told Alexander the Great to 'stop blocking his sunlight,' (38) he implied what political power has done to freedom.
Encarna Diogenes de Sinope a conduzir a lanterna a luz do dia, procurando pela honestidade nos seres humanos e a verdade encobertada pelo embuste.
Turquia le declaro la guerra y a continuacion Rusia hundio la flota turca en el mar Negro (en el combate de Sinope, 1853).
Mientras que el nuevo cosmopolitismo secular, corriente que continua las ideas cosmopolitas que parten de Diogenes de Sinope y se desarrollan con la Ilustracion Europea del siglo dieciocho, reivindica la ciudadania mundial relegando la cultura de cada colectivo al ambito privado y fomentando la expansion por vias pacificas del capitalismo, la democracia, la ciencia, el imperio de la ley y los derechos humanos (p.