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Noun1.Siphonophora - marine colonial hydrozoans
animal order - the order of animals
class Hydrozoa, Hydrozoa - coelenterates typically having alternation of generations; hydroid phase is usually colonial giving rise to the medusoid phase by budding: hydras and jellyfishes
siphonophore - a floating or swimming oceanic colony of polyps often transparent or showily colored
genus Nanomia - a genus of Siphonophora
genus Physalia, Physalia - Portuguese man-of-war
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Siphonophora (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) of Canadian Pacific waters.
This resource for taxonomists, deep ocean researchers, and evolutionary geneticists offers detailed descriptions for 37 species of Siphonophora collected from the Pacific Ocean off British Columbia; 25 of the species are newly recorded from the area.
Whitish mucus-like digested material was often encountered in the stomachs and was believed to be the digested remains of either Siphonophora or Ctenophora.