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 (rē-shärd′), Joseph Henri Maurice Known as "Rocket." 1921-2000.
Canadian hockey player. A right wing for the Montreal Canadiens (1942-1960), he led his team to eight Stanley Cup championships and was the first player to score 50 goals in a season.


1. (Biography) Sir Cliff, real name Harry Rodger Webb. born 1940, British pop singer. Film musicals include The Young Ones (1961) and Summer Holiday (1962)
2. (Biography) Maurice, known as Rocket. 1921–2000, Canadian ice-hockey player


(rɪˈʃɑrd; Fr. riˈʃar)

n. Mau•rice (mɔˈris; Fr. moʊˈris)
( “the Rocket” ),
1921–2000, Canadian hockey player.


(ˈrɪtʃ ərd)
1. Richard I ( “Richard the Lion-Hearted,” “Richard Coeur de Lion” ), 1157–99, king of England 1189–99.
2. Richard II, 1367–1400, king of England 1377–99 (son of Edward, Prince of Wales).
3. Richard III (Duke of Gloucester), 1452–85, king of England 1483–85.


[ˈrɪtʃəd] NRicardo
Richard (the) LionheartRicardo Corazón de León


nRichard m; Richard (the) LionheartRichard Löwenherz
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