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Noun1.Clive Sinclair - English electrical engineer who founded a company that introduced many innovative products (born in 1940)
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Sir Clive Sinclair in |a Sinclair C5 in 1985, right, and one of the new hoverboards, above right
A The ZX Spectrum was created by Sir Clive Sinclair and was one of the best selling computers of all time.
BIRTHDAYS: Buddy Guy, blues guitarist, 79; Peter Bogdanovich, film director, 76; Sir Clive Sinclair, inventor, 75; Paul Anka, singer, 74; Frances de la Tour, actress, 71; Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former governor of California, 68; Harriet Harman, MP, 65; Kate Bush, singer, 57; Daley Thompson, former athlete, 57; Laurence Fishburne, actor, 54; Lisa Kudrow, actress, 52; Sean Moore, rock drummer (Manic Street Preachers), 47; Jason Robinson, former rugby player, 41.
The brainchild of Sir Clive Sinclair, he hoped it was going to change the way we travel but things didn't go to plan.
Masterminded by inventor and entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair, the C5 was designed to be an inexpensive alternative for one person to travel.
THE man behind the muchmaligned C5, Sir Clive Sinclair, was taken back to his inventing heyday when he gave evidence at Birmingham Crown Court in a PS14 million fraud trial.
1 Sir Clive Sinclair launched the C5 2 Britain and Singapore withdrew from UNESCO 3 In Ireland, shop sales of contraceptives were legalised 4 In Columbia, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted, killing over 20,000 people wordwise The word may sound familiar, but what does it mean?
London, Mar 25 ( ANI ): C5 electric tricycle, a battery-powered vehicle invented by Sir Clive Sinclair, was voted as the worst gadget ever.
htm) Sir Clive Sinclair Would Sue the BBC Today, Claims Raspberry Pi Inventor Eben Upton
Sir Clive Sinclair is honorary president of British Mensa and Carol Vorderman, Sir Jimmy Savile and American actress Gina Davis have all qualified for membership.