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Noun1.Sir Robert Peel - British politician (1788-1850)Sir Robert Peel - British politician (1788-1850)  
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1788: Sir Robert Peel, who as Home Secretary formed the Metropolitan Police and later became Prime Minister, was born in Lancashire.
Almost 200 years ago, Sir Robert Peel, founder of the Metropolitan Police, realised that potential offenders are deterred, not by the severity of the punishment, but by the certainty of apprehension.
1829: London's first official police force was mobilised and its men nicknamed ''Bobbies'' or ''Peelers'' after Sir Robert Peel, the Home Secretary who founded it.
A Sir Robert Peel B Sir Richard Steele C Sir Howard Roberts D Sir Michael Robb 5.
1850: Sir Robert Peel, Tory prime minister (twice) and founder of the police force, died in London after a riding accident.
The family-run 15-bedroom country house hotel was once home to 19th century prime minister Sir Robert Peel, who founded the modern police service, and is set in 45 acres of beautiful grounds.
Especially not when everyone's preferred choice - Sir Robert Peel - tells her that if he, a Tory, were to form Her Majesty's new government, then she would have to get rid of some of her ladies in waiting, as they are all married to men from the Liberal party and it could show bias.
A statue of Sir Robert Peel stood in the city centre for more than 70 years but was whisked away after being badly damaged in a bizarre accident.
Sir Robert Peel was a rare breed of politician, wrote Richard Walker in 1950.
The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), founded by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, is famed around the world and has a unique place in the history of policing.
Greater Manchester Police has blown the cash on a pair of murals commemorating Bury-born police founder Sir Robert Peel at the pounds 64million complex in Newton Heath.