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Noun1.Roger Bannister - English runner who in 1954 became the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes (born in 1929)
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WHY is the late Sir Roger Bannister still a legendary name in British and world sport, nearly 65 years after his most famous race?
Sir Roger Bannister, right, who has died, was famous for being the first man to record which achievement?
Actor Gary Oldman thanks his 98 year old mum, Kathleen, as he picks up the best actor award We're going to need a bigger bus Boris Johnson says UK contributions to Brussels will soon be another PS88m per week He made the impossible possible Ex Olympic champion Lord Coe pays tribute to Sir Roger Bannister - the first man to smash the four-minute mile barrier - who's died aged 88 A little touching up here and there - what's the problem?
IT was very sad to hear of the death of Sir Roger Bannister, the epitome of the true amateur sportsman who, through dedication, endurance and self-belief, broke a barrier which even today eludes sub four-minute mile
Summary: Sir Roger Bannister broke a record doctors and scientists thought was impossible when he ran a mile in less than four minutes.
Had the late Sir Roger Bannister broken the oneminute mile record in the present uber-suspicious climate, he would undoubtedly have come under intense scrutiny, especially given that he was a medical student, probably with knowledge of and access to any number of performance-enhancing substances.
Sir Roger Bannister, at 88, first an astonishing athlete before switching to become as renowned neurologist.
SIR Roger Bannister inspired a generation of athletes with his "Herculean" achievement of running the first sub-four minute mile, Lord Coe has said.
SIR ROGER BANNISTER, the first man to run a sub-four minute mile, has died at the aged of 88.
TRIBUTES have flooded in for record-breaking athlete Sir Roger Bannister, who has died at 88.
SIR Roger Bannister, who has died at the age of 88, gave sport one of its most cherished moments by running the first sub-fourminute mile, made medical breakthroughs as a distinguished neurologist and served as the first chairman of the Sports Council.