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Noun1.Salman Rushdie - British writer of novels who was born in IndiaSalman Rushdie - British writer of novels who was born in India; one of his novels is regarded as blasphemous by Muslims and a fatwa was issued condemning him to death (born in 1947)
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We are living in the darkest time I have ever known" - Novelist Sir Salman Rushdie (pictured).
I don't think it is good to be messy" Actress Jane Asher "Technical jargon" TV presenter Eamonn Holmes's explanation for the two-fingers gesture he made on screen, denying that it was meant to be offensive "We are living in the darkest time I have ever known" Novelist Sir Salman Rushdie, above "We don't need another Sex and the City because we learned the lesson of the show: marriage isn't the be-all and end-all in women's minds any more, and women are friends with each other in a way that rivals their romantic relationships" Actress Cynthia Nixon "The Lords is a mess and everyone knows it" Writer Frederick Forsyth on the Upper House "If you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it's less than 100.
The BBC announced on Friday that Sir Salman Rushdie is the recipient of the 2014 PEN Pinter Prize, established in 2009 by writers' charity English Pen in memory of Nobel-Laureate playwright Harold Pinter.
Nigella Lawson looks unusually coy after being snapped on another cosy night out with close pal Sir Salman Rushdie, 66.
So tribalism, petty nationalism and so on came back to life" - Writer Sir Salman Rushdie.
I hope the Sir Alex Fergusons and Sir Salman Rushdies realise his four little words, "it's just not me," say far more about them than those other four little words, "Knight of the Realm", ever can.
Writers including Stephen Fry, Tom Stoppard and Sir Salman Rushdie have condemned their actions as "reckless".
The film is an adaptation of Sir Salman Rushdie's 1981 Booker Prize winning novel of the same name.
London, Sept 18 ( ANI ): Best-selling authors have expressed support for Sir Salman Rushdie by condemning an announcement by Iranian authorities that Tehran will be raising its bounty for the murder of the Indian-origin author.
U2 frontman Bono presented the Inspiration award to Sir Salman Rushdie, and Sir Tom Jones picked up the Legend award at the ceremony.
This year's line-up is led by novelist Sir Salman Rushdie.
Britain also owes many of its contemporary artists and thinkers to multiculturalism: pop singer Mika, who was born in Beirut to a Lebanese mother and an American father; celebrated architect Zaha Hadid who was born in Iraq and studied in Lebanon; and Indian British novelist and essayist Sir Salman Rushdie.