Sir William Chambers

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Noun1.Sir William Chambers - English architect (1723-1796)
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Rigaud, Sir William Chambers is distinguished from Joseph Wilton and Sir Joshua Reynolds by having his left hand resting on a pair of compasses on top of an architectural drawing while in his right hand is a right-angle square.
John, a capable character in his chosen field, also plays Lord Cobham of Stowe, the first Duchess of Northumberland, George III (known as 'Farmer George' - it seems everyone had a nickname in those days), Clive of India and Brown's arch enemy, Sir William Chambers.
Grade II listed, the Georgian house was designed by Sir William Chambers, and was originally the home of the parents of Sir Robert Clive of India.
Christopher has continued enthralling a new generation of fans and in The Adventures Of Greyfriars Bobby, he played a good guy in the shape of Sir William Chambers, Lord Provost of Edinburgh.