Sir William Walton

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Noun1.Sir William Walton - English composer (1902-1983)
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His busts of composers Sir Edward Elgar, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst and Sir William Walton are on display at Newcastle College, complete with Paul's witty representations of their imagined thought processes.
His programme will include the march Orb and Sceptre, composed by Sir William Walton for the Queen's coronation service, and there will be other pieces evoking the spirit of the occasion, including works by Bach and Messiean.
Previous highlights include a performance in the House of Commons, a concert at the home of Lady Walton, widow of Sir William Walton, on the Mediterranean island of Ischia, featured Orchestra at the Young Euro Classics Festival in Berlin; more-recently, the Orchestra performed a sell-out series of concerts in July 2012 with world-renowned Conductor, Carlo Rizzi.
WhereToGo Don't miss La Mortella Gardens, a stunning oasis created by Susana, wife of the late British composer Sir William Walton who moved to Ischia in 1949.
It was established by Lancashire-born composer Sir William Walton, who died in 1983, and his Argentinian wife Susana, now 82, who still lives in the house on the hill.
Sir William Walton conducted his own acclaimed work, Belshazzar's Feast, as well as appearing with Edith Sitwell as a lunchtime attraction at the Walker Gallery.
The home in exile of Sir William Walton and his young wife, Susana, the garden was literally carved out of an abandoned stone quarry.
The formerly volcanic island, just off the northern point of the Bay of Naples, was home to the British composer Sir William Walton and his wife Lady Susanna who developed the amazing tropical and water landscape garden at the Villa Mortella.
They have been invited to perform there by the widow of the British composer Sir William Walton.
The concert had featured seven pieces and she could have plumped for something by Elgar, Sir William Walton or Sir Michael Tippett.
THE enterprising Welsh College of Music and Drama Cardiff has made sure that the centenary of the birth of composer Sir William Walton has been celebrated with a diverse programme of events.
Bintley makes no secret of his special love for this 60-minute piece, with music by Sir William Walton.