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n.1.A Hindoo clerk or accountant.
2.A district or province; a circar.
3.The government; the supreme authority of the state.
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At the film's trailer launch, Varun said:"I was the last person cast in the film after meeting Shoojit Sircar.
At the film's trailer launch in Mumbai on Monday, Dhawan said: "I was the last person cast in the film after meeting Shoojit Sircar.
The film is directed by Shoojit Sircar of 'Piku' fame and is written by Juhi Chaturvedi.
In 1993, Rao and Sircar presented new nanoporous carbon membranes for separation of gas mixtures and they called them Selective Surface Flow membranes (SSF) [32, 33].
Tenders are invited for Re-e-tender for puchase and installatioin of real time pcr system for department of microbiology, Nil ratan sircar medical college, Kolkata - 700014.
Helmed by acclaimed filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, October is a film which everyone is waiting for because it will be the first time when Varun Dhawan joins hands with Sircar.
In July this year, filmmaker Shoojit Sircar called for a ban on reality shows involving children.
As for his top-three directors, Irrfan named Anurag Basu, Vishal Bhardwaj and Shoojit Sircar.
Big B's session will also feature director Shoojit Sircar and actress Taapsee Pannu -- part of the team behind the recently released film, Pink.
She has a new look I've always wanted,' Sircar said.
Kanta Sircar is an epidemiologist in the Air Pollution and Respiratory Health Branch.
Interested media please contact Priya Sircar at (646) 375-2500, ext.