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n.1.See Siren, 6.
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The most prominent among them is Maria Sirena, who begins to tell her trapped comrades the story of her parents and her childhood during the Third War of Independence.
Invitation to tender: construction and assembly works on water supply branch pineta-old sirena
The last Nostalgia party for the time being will be on August 8 at Sirena Bay in Protaras.
Bazine, Sirena des Charmes, qui malgre sa longue absence des pistes, n'en demeure pas moins une valeur sur pour venir se distinguer d'entree si l'on se refere a tout ce qu'elle a realise durant le meeting d'ete.
The Sirena Quest tells of four college freshmen who have gone different ways for years--until the 1994 commencement prompts a reunion thrown by a hedge-fund billionaire who has promised a, $25 million endowment if Barrett college's legendary Sirena statute, which vanished in 1959 without a trace, can be returned to the school by commencement day.
Evan Lieberman represented Sirena Protection Systems Corp.
The Sirena Seaways vessel was holed below the waterline as it berthed in high winds.
Lifeboats were launched as the Sirena Seaways vessel began listing after hitting a quayside.
at Peninsula Park, 3401 Peninsula Road, Oxnard at Channel Islands Harbor, next to the Casa Sirena Hotel and the Hampton Inn.
Package incl three nights onboard cruise ferry Dana Sirena in en suite cabin, plus day to explore coastal town of Esbjerg and return coach transfers and entrance to Legoland.