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n.1.See Siren, 6.
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Este ano arranca con impetu La sirena hechicera del rock, no solo porque el 22 de febrero festejara 30 anos de trayectoria en el Teatro de la Ciudad con Mayita Campos y Margarita Bauche, la rapera Jezzy--Pe y Raquel Guerrero, guitarrista de Los Abominables, sino porque le da un giro de 180 grados a su relacion con la literatura: el sabado 13 presenta junto a ellas su primera novela, Un blues en la penumbra.
Se trataba de un diseno de Pronovias, de corte sirena, repleto de pailletes en negro y todo a un hombro.
Pressing social issues also got more than a passing glance, such as lingering effects of martial law ('Fairy Lights'), and the menace of extrajudicial killings ('Ang Hiyaw ng Sirena at Panghi ng Gabi').
The boys will be back in town on Friday when the four-member band Muddy Street Blue will hit Sirena Bay one more time.
Gibraltar hosted the latest inaugural call for a cruise ship on Saturday morning when die Sirena.
Speaking at a Goop and Cadillac dinner at Mario's La Sirena restaurant on Wednesday, she said: "He was just teasing me about every boyfriend I brought to Babbo [Batali's restaurant] over the years.
El titulo se debe al lugar donde ocurren los eventos fundamentales de la trama, y al encuentro del personaje masculino, Arturo, con una sirena que aparece ahi anualmente:
Bazine, Sirena des Charmes, qui a laisse une tres bonne impression lors de ses dernieres sorties, en terminant a chaque fois en bon rang dans des epreuves de premiere serie.
The most prominent among them is Maria Sirena, who begins to tell her trapped comrades the story of her parents and her childhood during the Third War of Independence.
Her version of Sirena had already been reshared by netizens through Facebook.
The Sirena Quest tells of four college freshmen who have gone different ways for years--until the 1994 commencement prompts a reunion thrown by a hedge-fund billionaire who has promised a, $25 million endowment if Barrett college's legendary Sirena statute, which vanished in 1959 without a trace, can be returned to the school by commencement day.