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(Placename) a river in SE Europe, rising in Ukraine and flowing southeast through E Romania to the Danube. Length: about 450 km (280 miles)



a river in SE Europe, flowing SE from the Carpathian Mountains into the Danube. 270 mi. (435 km) long.
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Procurement Services for the Study of Supply and Processing Dem Data and Geospatial Maps of Risk and Hazard to Achieve the Project Prevention and Protection Against Flooding in the Upper Basins of the Rivers Prut and Siret, By Implementing A Modern Monitoring System with Automatic Stations - East Avert, Mis Code 966
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Aoife Leonard from Mountcharles, Co Donegal, a volunteer at the Romanian Challenge farm project in Siret, said: "Monica McDaid, the founder of the Romanian Challenge Appeal, and the people here were trying to come up with an innovative way to wish Daniel a Merry Christmas.
In a passionate defence of the RCA, run by Derry-born Monica McDaid, he said: "Since I first went to Siret, all of the children under Monica's care have had their lives transformed for the better.
Daniel is hoping to buy a former state-owned farmstead at Siret in Romania which was abandoned after the fall of communism in 1989.
Anna Downey is being allowed to take unpaid leave from her city council job to work in Siret for one month.
Led by Dudley station commander Phil Pitt, the group - from stations in the Black Country, Coventry and Birmingham - spent a fortnight in Siret on the border with the Ukraine.
The award was given to Monica, who taught at the St Thomas Aquinas School in Birmingham, in recognition of her humanitarian work with the children at an orphanage in the town of Siret.
Daniel met 550 children in the town of Siret when he visited an orphanage while filming a video.
Sova told Hyundai about the irrigation channel Siret - Baragan, the Transilvania highway and two new reactors at Cernavoda.
The village of Saucesti, near the Danube tributary of Siret in eastern Romania, has been particularly affected.