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(səˈrɪk ə)

John J(oseph), 1904–92, U.S. jurist.
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Sirica read aloud a letter he'd received from James W.
These matters led to a Federal grand jury investigation into the break-in; an eventual total of nine former White House aides who were tried before Judge John Sirica in U.
And the dogged pursuit of the truth not just by Woodward and Bernstein, but by the likes of district court judge John Sirica, Sen.
As evinced by his behavior in the courtroom, Sirica did not bother to disguise his disbelief that no higher-ups were involved.
In March 1973, James McCord--one of the seven convicted in the January trial--sent a letter to Judge John Sirica, who had presided over the case.
Judge Anthony Sirica observed, "In this case, the audience is involuntary and very young.
Mr St Clair said that in accordance with the president's instructions he would immediately begin a review of the tapes to be presented to US District Judge John Sirica.
Chief Judge Anthony Sirica told the interested parties -- which include the Newspaper Association of America, Media General Inc.
As former District Court Judge John Sirica confirmed in his famous 1973 Watergate opinion, the limited jurisdiction of federal courts in the United States is a fundamental element of our judicial system.
In that case, the grand jury filed a report on the break-in with Judge Sirica and asked that it be forwarded to the House Judiciary Committee that was considering President Nixon's impeachment.
followed, Judge Sirica stated, a court generally must issue an immunity
district court judge John Sirica, who handled the case, slapped Caddy with a subpoena, compelling him to testify to a grand jury against Hunt and Liddy.