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n.1.See Sirocco.
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Which fall'st into the soul like rain Upon the Siroc wither'd plain, And failing in thy power to bless But leav'st the heart a wilderness
These were wild and miserable thoughts, but I cannot describe to you how the eternal twinkling of the stars weighed upon me and how I listened to every blast of wind as if it were a dull ugly siroc on its way to consume me.
The Juel wine is the most delicious we'd tasted in a long time but for red lovers there's also a heady Siroc to entice the tastebuds.
for the night will be DJ Mustafah and DJ Siroc, hosted by multi-talented award winning actor Lance Gross.
LIVERPOOL'S hit new Stanley Street venue Siroc hosts a showcase tonight for up and coming new artist Miss Stylie.
Each night will focus on a different popular dance style including salsa, siroc, flamenco, samba, jive, tango, ballroom, disco and morris dancing led by international live bands and singers.
The series features the son of legendary Musketeer D'Artagnan and his two comrades, Siroc, a musketeer who has a passion for inventing, and Jacques, a talented swordsman with a deep secret - in fact, Jacques is really Jacqueline, a young woman who masquerades as a man in order to escape a price on her head.
CHLOE Sims and Frankie Essex from TOWIE staying at Hotel Indigo and drinking Cotton Candy cocktails before heading out to Chloe's new bar, Siroc.