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Any of several small finches, such as Spinus spinus, a greenish-yellow finch of Eurasia and northern Africa, or the pine siskin of North America.

[Obsolete Dutch sīsken, from Middle Dutch, diminutive of sīs, from Middle Low German csītze, probably from Czech číž, of imitative origin.]


1. (Animals) a yellow-and-black Eurasian finch, Carduelis spinus
2. (Animals) pine siskin a North American finch, Spinus pinus, having a streaked yellowish-brown plumage
[C16: from Middle Dutch sīseken, from Middle Low German sīsek; related to Czech čižek, Russian chizh]


(ˈsɪs kɪn)

any of several small finches, esp. Carduelis spinus, of Eurasia. Compare pine siskin.
[1555–65; < Middle Dutch sijsken]
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Noun1.siskin - small yellow-and-black Eurasian finch with a sharp beaksiskin - small yellow-and-black Eurasian finch with a sharp beak
finch - any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds
tarin des aulnes


n (Orn) → Zeisig m
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During the past few days, I have been seeing a few of these delightful, colourful and feisty little birds, the siskins.
The presence of siskins in the London area, it was suggested, might have been due to the presence of escaped cage birds, initially imported from Germany.
In the event I had to settle for jays, great spotted woodpeckers, siskins, coal tits and chaffinches, plus our friends the red squirrels.
The siskins were relatively regular visitors to my feeders.
READERS have reported a big increase in Siskins visiting local gardens in recent weeks.
Siskins, Ensigns, Whitleys, Lancasters, Seaslugs, Flying-Wing brought them fame.
Siskins, bramblings, redpolls and goldfinches were all more common in the region's gardens.
A SMALL black and yellow bird is heading to UK gardens in search of food in what could be the largest invasion of siskins for many years, the British Trust for Ornithology said.
COLOURFUL Siskins are guaranteed to brighten up dull winter days.
This tendency allowed Juan Carlos Senar and Montse Camerino of the Museum of Zoology in Barcelona to see whether siskins use their black chest bibs as an index of dominance.
I'Mquite sure it is a male siskin which is quite rare - I have never seen one personally.
Householders who spot the siskin are being urged to report it to the trust.