n. pl.1.Sisters.
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Tenders are invited for Providing and Erection Of Water sistren and Providing and Laying of Drinking Water Pvc Pipeline in various wards of Balaganur TP
Chapter 2 focuses on black citizenship by juxtaposing two black working-class-sources of cultural production--the revolutionary Ras Tafari perspective of Peter Tosh and the critical dramatic works of the Sistren Theatre Collective--to pick apart "what was at stake in the urgent attempt to press for the full inclusion of black Jamaicans within the category of citizen, and the complexity and internal contradiction that characterized that effort" (p.
This may not make much sense to my African brethren and sistren north of the Limpopo since black folk constitute the majority.
Ring ding in a tight corner: Sistren, collective democracy, and the organization of cultural production.
They include, as a sample, Children First in Spanish Town, and in Kingston, the Peace Management Initiative, S-Corner Clinic, Sistren Theatre Collective, and a YMCA programme.
The play is The Sistren, written and part-acted by the multi-talented Therese Collins and produced by the Gazebo Theatre, a long-standing professional theatre, now, thanks to Wolverhampton City Council, with a fine new base in Bilston Town Hall.
uk The Sistren Three extraordinary women are drawn together to help a woman in her hour of need, in this moving new play from the Gazebo Theatre Company, March 11.
Using the Sistren Theatre Collective of Jamaica as a case study, Smith argues that the Canadian government's effort in the 1980s to position itself on the world stage as a benevolent, socially-conscious nation encouraged funding bodies to support popular theatre companies in the global South who conformed to a particular ideal of grassroots outreach.
And it doesn't help too that most of us are hooked on TV shows that depict glitzy celebrity lifestyles of women who seem to have it all - shows that are heavily influencing the sistren, but at a cost many cannot afford - literally.
I really hope those folks running these sites will wise up and hire some of our cartoon brethren and sistren as staffers just like Politico hired me.
And this, I believe, is the spirit with which the women I have spoken to about leyning approach the task, as they stand at the bimahtrembling, likely as notand chant the words of Torah for their assembled brethren and/or sistren.
Desoyendo las voces que argumentan la universalidad, tambien de la teoria, y exigen una uniformidad de metodo, surgen acercamientos consecuentes con su objeto de trabajo, como los de la jamaiquina Carolyn Cooper, quien en su analisis del trabajo del colectivo de teatro jamaiquino Sistren, abandona a medio texto la lengua inglesa por la lengua creole, para seguir el analisis en una lengua que no es "la lengua del saber academico".