n. pl.1.Sisters.
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The play is The Sistren, written and part-acted by the multi-talented Therese Collins and produced by the Gazebo Theatre, a long-standing professional theatre, now, thanks to Wolverhampton City Council, with a fine new base in Bilston Town Hall.
uk The Sistren Three extraordinary women are drawn together to help a woman in her hour of need, in this moving new play from the Gazebo Theatre Company, March 11.
One film shown in a special presentation was Sweet Sugar Rage (1985) by Sistren Theatre Collective, a working-class women's organization in Kingston, Jamaica, which follows the group as they conduct interviews and workshops with rural women working on sugar estates--with the aim of composing a play to portray the unjust labor conditions the women face.
After forming the Sistren women's theatre company in Jamaica, Breeze came to London at the invitation of dub legend Linton Kwesi Johnson, where she went on to teach Theatre Studies at Brixton College.
Sistren has been educating women about their rights for over 32 years.
He wrote for the benefit of those "who have not been in the habit of going to church before joining the Army" and thus may be unfamiliar with "certain rules of deportment which must be lived up to," to satisfy "visiting brethren and sistren.
and sistren fretting at the notion of all those semi-pros and amateurs
The Jamaican Employers' Federation, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, women's NGOs such as SISTREN, as well as trade unions have addressed this problem over the years.
The attorneys who specialized in captive insurance are the spiritual brethren and sistren of the health-care captive owner, and their cousins, the captive managers, in exactly the same way that the peaceniks, stoners and sundry other psychotics were at one with each other.
There is the possibility that the Lord may be hard of hearing and that Roberts will not turn out to be as rightwing as Robertson and his brethren and sistren believe.
Well, Brethren and Sistren, I find myself in a completely impossible position: The Bar Association has made it clear that beginning at eight o'clock I cannot possibly talk beyond sixty minutes.
He analyzes a 1952 novel by West Indian socialist Ralph de Boissiere and a collection of testimonials published in the 1980s by a Jamaican women's advocacy group called the Sistren Collective.