adv. & con1.Since. See Sith, and Sithen.
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Alas I sit home and let thy dogs eat part with me, and wear clothes that have worn out their prenticeship a year and half sithence.
In fact, she stated on 24 November 1624 that she had paid for the hats and confessed that "shee was marryed unto one Lewknor Markham in the County of Nottingham, Esquire, about some Seaven yeares sithence at the parish Church of Saint Mary Overies in Southwarke.
This Examinate saith also, that long sithence she dwelt by the space of one quarter or more with her brother Edward Wood, and that at several tymes in that time certain ledden weights and great stones were cast into the house, and divers straunge noyses of rumblinges hearde: the which weights & stones came alwayes neerest one Arnoldes head, being then a boorder in that house, and saith that Arnoldes wife was accompted a witch: And was suspected to cause the same stones to be cast, to the intent to dryve her husband from boording there being in Jelosie of this Examinate: She being at that tyme not above the age of xx.