Sitting Bull

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Sit·ting Bull

 (sĭt′ĭng) Originally Tatanka Iyotanka. 1834?-1890.
Hunkpapa leader who guided his people to victory against Gen. George A. Custer's cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn (1876).

Sitting Bull

(Biography) Indian name Tatanka Yotanka. ?1831–90, American Indian chief of the Teton Dakota Sioux. Resisting White encroachment on his people's hunting grounds, he led the Sioux tribes against the US Army in the Sioux War (1876–77) in which Custer was killed. The hunger of the Sioux, whose food came from the diminishing buffalo, forced his surrender (1881). He was killed during renewed strife

Sit′ting Bull′

1834–90, Lakota Indian leader.
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Noun1.Sitting Bull - a chief of the SiouxSitting Bull - a chief of the Sioux; took up arms against settlers in the northern Great Plains and against United States Army troops; he was present at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1876) when the Sioux massacred General Custer's troops (1831-1890)
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Nicknamed "Little Sure Shot" by Sitting Bull, she was said to have been able to hit the thin edge of a playing card from 30 paces.
In the afternoon, Contreras-Sweet and Heitkamp will host a roundtable regarding Native American entrepreneurship at the Entrepreneurial Center at Sitting Bull College, which serves the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Lakota chief Sitting Bull had warned the two surveying expeditions (eastern and western) not to enter the valley; his warning was ignored, sparking a deadly conflict.
1890: Chief Sitting Bull (pictured), Sioux leader, was shot dead in a scuffle with Indian police.
1890: Chief Sitting Bull, Sioux leader, was shot dead in a scuffle with Indian police.
BORN JOHN Paul Getty, industrialist, 1892 CARMINE Appice, US rock drummer, 1946 FRANKIE Dettori, Italian jockey, 1970, above DIED WALT Disney, US animator, 1966, above JOAN Fontaine, film actress, 2013 SITTING Bull, native American chief, 1890
Norman Pace gives a sound performance as Buffalo Bill whose Wild West Show first brings Annie and Frank together, but Ed Currie needs to work on his Chief Sitting Bull accent.
Citing legendary tribal chief Sitting Bull, Obama said: ''Let's put our minds together to build more economic opportunity in Indian country.
She was "adopted" by Indian chief Sitting Bull after the old Sioux watched her shoot the ace of hearts out of a playing card at 30 paces.
Custer was ambushed as the survey party worked, Sitting Bull was in turn attacked by the troops, and Custer and his men had to turn tail and repair to Bismark.
Besides Sitting Bull, there are five other tribal colleges participating--the Institute of American Indian Arts, Ilisagvik College, Leech Lake Tribal College, Stone Child College and Fort Peck Community College.
Still, she wonders what Chief Sitting Bull left to her.