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(æˈsjuːt) or


(Placename) an ancient city in central Egypt, on the Nile. Pop: 417 000 (2005 est). Ancient Greek name: Lycopolis



a city in central Egypt, on the Nile. 291,300.
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Earlier, Prof Askar spoke at the reference held to pay homage to Dr Qasim Mehdi of SIUT.
Paying tributes to late Dr Qasim Mehdi during the memorial lecture the founder Director of SIUT Prof Adib Rizvi recalled Dr Mehdi's yeomen services during his stay at SIUT.
SIUT, which was founded by Dr Rizvi, is Sindh's largest centre for free of charge medical treatment of kidney and liver diseases and cancers.
SIUT has been arranging day long activities to mark the occasion for past more than 10 years at its main premises in Karachi and also at its Primary Healthcare Center in Kathore, a part of rural Karachi.
Now SIUT is doing 850 dialysis per day which accounts for almost one third of dialysis in the country.
He said SIUT had been lucky that it earned extensive support from the philanthropic segment of the society, who on the basis of its outstanding services posed confidence in the institution and donated funds and equipment generously.
The SIUT as a premier tertiary care institution of the country with several specialties has offered its services to become a hub institution for the control of infectious diseases on the W.
The Siut Bulak cheese factory was established in Jyluu-Bulak, a village of just under 2,000 inhabitants in the north-east of the country, within the framework of a Swiss programme funded by the SDC.
The SIUT officials said doctors operated upon Edhi's body late Friday evening after his death and secured corneas, which, they added, were transplanted into two young patients yesterday.
Ishrat Hussain commended the efforts of those working at SIUT providing health facilities with respect and dignity that is why it is a success story.
FBL has been working closely with SIUT and many other trustworthy institutes in the country to ensure its contribution have a positive and sustainable impact on the community.
How have you managed to make SIUT a success despite the fact that it is a publicsector institution?