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Noun1.Skanda - Hindu god of war
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Topping the small tour operator category was Birmingham's independent specialist Skanda Holidays, with five gongs.
This performance qualified the team - the famous five of Skanda Ferguson, Emily Hickson Evans, Elias Barnett, Jessica Billing and Ava Jones - for the Merseyside finals at Park Road Sports Centre.
Building work began this week on a PS2m inpatient hospice at the multi-faith Skanda Vale monastery near Llanpumsaint.
The case of Shambo became a media sensation in 2007 when the holy bullock, which lived at Skanda Vale Hindu temple in Carmarthenshire, failed a TB test.
Dharmendra Joshi, his sister Joshi Divya, and four of their friends, were returning from a trip to the Hindu temple at Skanda Vale in Carmarthen when the car they were travelling in suffered a tyre blow-out between junctions 35 and 34 of the motorway.
Mrs Rajaratnam runs the business, Arrowsmith Rest Homes, with her son Skanda Rajaratnam.
Murukan is the principal deity of the old Tamil pantheon, and his Vedic counterparts Skanda and Rudra may have descended from a proto- Dravidian deity.
Instructor Max Starck Stevens, 19, from Garston, left, and Louise Fitzsimmons, 23, from Crosby, in the egg and spoon challenge at Aerial Extreme, at Knowsley Safari Park Code: hd040410egg-1 Skanda, 3; Freya, 6; Holly,8; and Amelie, 4, from Wirral, enjoy a paddle in the Mersey on a bright but cold Easter Sunday, on New Brighton beach
Embar Kannan played the mridangam and Skanda Subramanyam the violin.
Saivism in the diaspora; contemporary forms of Skanda worship.
1) This paper studies narratives about Skanda from epic and ayurvedic sources that involve a splitting of the deity to form another being.