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 (flo͝o-rō′sĭs, flô-, flō-)
An abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine, as from fluoridated drinking water, characterized chiefly by mottling of the teeth.

fluo·rot′ic (-rŏt′ĭk) adj.


(Pathology) fluoride poisoning, due to ingestion of too much fluoride in drinking water over a long period or to ingestion of pesticides containing fluoride salts. Chronic fluorosis results in mottling of the teeth of children


(flʊˈroʊ sɪs, flɔ-, floʊ-)

1. an abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorides, characterized in children by discoloration and pitting of the teeth and in adults by pathological bone changes.
2. Also called mottled enamel. the changes in tooth enamel symptomatic of fluorosis.
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Noun1.fluorosis - a pathological condition resulting from an excessive intake of fluorine (usually from drinking water)
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition


n. fluorosis, exceso de absorción de flúor.
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Ingestion of excess arsenic over prolonged periods of time can result in various internal cancers amongst other conditions, while high levels of fluoride are responsible for the development of dental and crippling skeletal fluorosis.
13) In the pathogenesis of skeletal fluorosis, fluoride causes ER stress during osteoblast maturation.
A litre of tea can contain up to 9mg of fluoride, which in excess can cause skeletal fluorosis, reducing bone quality and causing pain and stiffening of the ligaments.
It led to her developing skeletal fluorosis - a bone disease caused by consuming too much of the mineral fluoride.
The researchers suspected the woman had skeletal fluorosis, a bone disease caused by consuming too much fluoride (a mineral found in tea as well as drinking water).
This value is intended to reduce the risk of severe enamel fluorosis and to minimize the risk of bone fractures and skeletal fluorosis in adults (U.
The panel noted the following adverse effects from this overexposure: broken bones, pre-clinical skeletal fluorosis which manifests as arthritic-type pain, and severe dental fluorosis.
According to the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG), overexposure to fluoride can be toxic, causing dental fluorosis (mottling and loss of tooth enamel) and skeletal fluorosis (joint pain, stiffness and bone fractures).
And there are other risks: The National Research Council has linked fluoride exposure to bone fractures and crippling skeletal fluorosis, which is commonly misdiagnosed as arthritis.
While dental fluorosis is very common, we are more concerned about skeletal fluorosis as it can lead to structural deformities," Bhagotia adds.