n. pl.1.A kind of large, coarse, short trousers formerly worn.
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then pul your forensics skilts to the test to solve the "Talent Napped mystery" challenge
Anita said that they were very private characters who did not venture out of their house, The Skilts, very often.
They had occupied the house, The Skilts, for at least three decades.
He will be based at BLB's new head office at Upper Skilts Farm in Ullenhall, Warwickshire.
Applying the skilts learned through Six Sigma, Smith created a model for better retention of milliondollar-plus households for Merrill Lynch.
Lorry driver Brian Moffatt, aged 50, whose body was discovered beside his vehicle, on a pathway close to Lower Skilts Farm at Outhill, Studley, could only be identified by his dental records.
The kind-hearted dog walker came to the man's aid on a path off Wirehill Drive, near Skilts Avenue, on July 26 at around 9.