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Of or relating to the behavioristic theories and methods of B.F. Skinner.
A follower of B.F. Skinner's theories or methods.

Skin′ner·ism (skĭn′ə-rĭz′əm) n.
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Noun1.Skinnerian - a follower of the theories or methods of B. F. Skinner
follower - a person who accepts the leadership of another
Adj.1.Skinnerian - of or relating to B. F. Skinner or his behaviorist psychology
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As any student who had completed a course in Psychology 101 in his undergrad years would tell you (and this columnist had), this antiquated theory is based on the Skinnerian model of SR (stimulus-response), devised in the 1950s by the Harvard University behavioral psychologist B.
Behaviour was filtered through the lens of conditioning--either Pavlovian (reflexive) or Skinnerian (learned).
Yee explains this in terms of Skinnerian psychology, as players interpret events as behavior-linked stimuli.
Skinners crude behaviorism of 50 years ago has seen the beginnings of a revival in the current interest in neuroscience (and behavioral economics), which may also portend a revival of a much more sophisticated updating of the Skinnerian vision of therapeutic government.
I have also found it beneficial to make the jobs into game-like activities with built-in rewards or incentives based on Skinnerian theory of positive reinforcement (Skinner, 1938).
The latter option--consequentialism--is consistent with hard determinism, given that nothing about consequentialism requires that agents be construed as ultimately responsible for their behavior, and further given that Skinnerian conditioning and related forms of autonomy-neutral or even autonomy-undermining forms of conditioning are obviously consistent with determinism.
Sensation and reward are often studied, but almost never together, and the advent of Skinnerian behavioralism 70 years ago is sometimes posited as a factor in the separation.
This should not pose a problem to anyone but the most unreconstructed Skinnerian, but it does reveal the contemporary concerns that underscore Emon's project.
Rafieian describes how the idea of dissociation, which was present in the works of Morton Price, William James, and Carl Jung, was sidelined for a while with the advent of Freudian psychoanalysis and Skinnerian behaviorism, to be later resurrected in the neodissociation theory of Ernest Hilgard in the context of the need for treating psychological traumas resulting from WWII by means of hypnosis (p.
In the late 1960's and early 1970's, precision teaching involved a small and vibrant community of dedicated Skinnerian behavior analysts, led by Ogden Lindsley, Eric Haughton, and a handful of their colleagues and students.
The fact, however, is that research on verbal behavior and treatment of verbal behavior disorders based on Skinnerian analysis are flourishing.
Random reinforcement is the most effective means of installing a behavior," she speculated, recalling basic Skinnerian conditioning, but was not certain exactly what payoff she received.