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n.1.(Zool.) A rail; as, the water rail (called also skitty cock, and skitty coot); the spotted crake (Porzana maruetta), and the moor hen.
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They were covered in fleas and they were quite skitty as they are not used to being handled.
I will miss you and your skitty ways and I will put a little bet on for you every Saturday
uk JUST the thing for skitty kitties this will keep them cosy without breaking the bank.
She plays Kym, a skitty, self obsessed twenty something who we first meet being picked up by her dad from rehab.
He claimed he was gone for two to three hours, and came back uninjured but "jittery, skitty and paranoid".
It makes my blood boil to think that this skitty little kid can go and get all this money lavished on him.
I imagine this innovation will also come in helpful when dealing with skitty pensioners who have forgotten the way home after slurping one sherry over the eight in a bid to blot out the unrelenting throb of piles.
Skitty street soul and a voice that's got a weird synth-like quality.
The skitty Laura Colgan and her complicated love life, together with songs that even I've heard of - such as We're in the Money - made it very entertaining.
Drum'n'bass with DJ Markee (Movement, Brazil), Skitty (Kool FM), Pace, Shaolin and Reaction.