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 (skī′rəs, skē′rôs)


(ˈskiːrɒs) or


(Placename) a Greek island in the Aegean, the largest island in the N Sporades. Pop: 2602 (2001). Area: 199 sq km (77 sq miles). Modern Greek name: Skíros


or Sky•ros

(ˈskaɪ rɒs, -roʊs; Gk. ˈski rɔs)
a Greek island in the W Aegean: the largest island of the Northern Sporades. 81 sq. mi. (210 sq. km).
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Suppliers include luxury brands such as Skyros, Vietri, and Casafina, Pigeon and Poodle, Made Goods, Zentique and Arte Italica and designers such as Waylande Gregory and Rosanna.
Kadangi, juostai slenkant kampo keitikliu, del labai aukAUtos skyros formuojamas didAPiulis impulsu kiekis, del ribotos elektriniu elementu greitaveikos gali buti prarasta informacija.
Rupert Brooke is buried in an olive grove on the island of Skyros in Greece.
Pyrrha, we learn, is the young Achilles hiding out on the island of Skyros, dressed in drag and feigning womanhood, and spending his (her) time with the daughters of Lycomedes.
1915: Rupert Brooke, English poet, died of blood poisoning on the Greek island of Skyros.
Skyros Designs in reduced a matte Charcot to its popular Cantaria dinnerware line, and a lighter gray to Historia.
Murio a las 16:46 del 23 de abril de 1915 en un barco hospital frances amarrado en un muelle de la isla griega de Skyros (32).
And the last moments of this finely-shaped evening caught the poignancy of his rough burial on the island of Skyros.
The area which has Turkey has decided to reserve extends west of Skyros to the of East of Limnos and within the Flight Information Region (FIR) of Athens, essentially splitting the Aegean in two.
2008b, GPS-derived coseismic displacements associated with the 2001 Skyros and 2003 Lefkada earthquakes in Greece.