slàinte mhath

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slàinte mhath

(ˌslɑːndʒə ˈva) ,



sláinte mhaith

a drinking toast; cheers
[Gaelic: good health]
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His time as frontman in Marillion was not overlooked either and less obvious album cuts including Incubus, Slainte Mhath and a stirring Heart of Lothian were enthusiastically welcomed.
Kanpai, Skoal, Slainte Mhath to Japan's whisky makers
The afternoon's line-up consists of: Winnipeg soul sensation Remy Shand; Montreal jam-band upstarts Bullfrog & DJ Kid Koala; and Cape Breton Island Celtic-fusionists Slainte Mhath (pronounced "Slawn-Cha-Va").
Big names in the area have included Slainte Mhath, Colum Sands and Roy Bailey at the Warwick Folk Festival in July, Davey Arthur at the Four Provinces Fleadh on October and Strawhead at November's Bedworth Folk Festival.
HEADLINING tonight's main marquee concert at the Warwick Folk Festival is Slainte Mhath, the young Cape Breton band making a huge international impact.
Slainte Mhath combine the traditions of Celtic and Acadian music, mix in some step-dancing, and pull in any modern style that takes their fancy.
And from Novia Scotia come more exciting arrangements of Celtic music tinged with influences of pop, performed by Slainte Mhath.
Guests include Tarras, Roy Bailey, Joe O'Donnell's Shkayla, Steve Tilston, Colum Sands, Nova Scotian band Slainte Mhath and from New York, The Johnson Girls.