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The Youth of the Year event Tuesday night in Elgin featured slam poetry, a viola performance and a huge announcement: Judson University will give the winner a four-year scholarship beginning this year.
The pair, above, are formed from World Slam Poetry Champion Harry Baker and award-winning jazz musician Chris Read and their show tackles topics including the delights of time travel, robot wars and the survival of the panda bear.
IMZ: What effect do you think Russell Simmons' Def Poetry (aired on HBO between 2002 and 2007) had on the slam poetry movement?
She describes the concepts in creative writingAEs pedagogical discourse and how it controls its boundaries through the aesthetic tradition and these discourses, including beliefs found in craft textbooks and articles on instruction, to illustrate the exclusionary implications of those beliefs that are culturally contingent and how large groups are excluded from the creative writing course, such as genre fiction, popular mass-market texts, and spoken-word and slam poetry.
Following this program, "The Chicago Series" will wrap with a slam poetry open mic night with Kevin Coval, a leading voice in Chicago's music community.
There will also be slam poetry and an open forum for allies, families and friends of the LGBTQ community to share their journey of acceptance.
the program brings aspects of slam poetry, spoken word and theater into high schools.
We've got the coffeehouse of the 1990's, descended straight from the twin parents of the sitcom Cheers and Caffe Trieste --a kind of grimy medley of your best friend's living room and that basement where you used to go and nod along to bad slam poetry and hope your leather pants didn't wrinkle too badly when you spilled coffee on them.
The Adult Summer Reading Kickoff event, "Creativity, Vulnerability and Art," with Jason Graham, Oregon-based artist and educator and former slam poetry champion for Oregon; the Oregon Humanities Conversation Project will discuss what we risk when we lay ourselves open through an art form, followed by a poetry open mike at 5:30 p.
Youth like Hum were given a chance to, among other things, visit and work on an organic farm, chant alongside Buddhist nuns, practise slam poetry and go on a street walk to learn about homelessness.
A couple of Woody Guthries who favoured Slam Poetry over a guitar, it's also densely humoured and intimately delivered.
Now in its third year, the series has expanded beyond conventional dance, music, and theater to include the circus, magic, slam poetry, and standup comedy.