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 (slä′vĭst) or Slav·i·cist (slä′vĭ-sĭst)
A specialist in the study of Slavic culture, literature, or languages.


(ˈslɑ və sɪst, ˈslæv ə-)

also Slav•ist

(ˈslɑ vɪst, ˈslæv ɪst)

a specialist in the study of the Slavic languages or literatures.


one who specializes in the study of Slavic languages, literatures, or other aspects of Slavic culture. Also Slavist.
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This study of movement, dance, and modernism in the Russian avant-garde combines ideas from Slavic studies, dance, and performance studies.
ponders Thede Kahl, Director of the Institute of Slavic Studies and Caucasus Studies, and Professor for South Slavic Studies at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany.
Barrett, "'No, a Soldier Doesn't Forget': The Memory of the Great Fatherland War and Popular Music in the Late Stalin Period," Canadian-American Slavic Studies 48, 3 (2014): 308-28; Barrett, "The Undefined Agent, Iliya Kuryakin: Making the Russian Visible in The Man from U.
Indeed, as alluded to above, this collection will be a highly useful addition to the library of any scholar or student who is seeking to understand the often complex historiography of Ukrainian and Slavic studies.
The fall of the Wall and the end of the Cold War has not (for example) led many Slavic Studies scholars to consider how their national cultures are implicated with Austria's.
The total area covered by cleaning in Part 1 is a) the inner surface - 5 709m2,Part 2 - Comprehensive maintenance of cleanliness in the rooms, cleaning the premises and staff locker room in the building of the Institute of Slavic Studies at ul.
Mark Galeotti, an NYU professor specializing in global affairs and Russian and Slavic studies, described in (http://www.
As a professor of comparative literature and Slavic studies at Harvard, he helped establish comparative literature as a separate branch of learning.
On this occasion, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) in cooperation with the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted a Macedonian-Russian scholarly meeting entitled "The Treaty of Bucharest and Its Consequences for Macedonia and Southeast Europe.
After they return in June to their homes in Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Michigan, several of the students may pursue international studies, such as Slavic studies or international business.
The Center organizes annual international conferences, including those for young scholars, for the comparative study of Slavic and Jewish cultures (co-sponsored by the Institute of Slavic Studies, RAS).
CrazedDariusSieczkowski, 26, fell out with officials at the Jan Masaryk University after they refused to allow him to research a PhD in Slavic Studies there.