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 (slä′vĭst) or Slav·i·cist (slä′vĭ-sĭst)
A specialist in the study of Slavic culture, literature, or languages.


(ˈslɑ və sɪst, ˈslæv ə-)

also Slav•ist

(ˈslɑ vɪst, ˈslæv ɪst)

a specialist in the study of the Slavic languages or literatures.


one who specializes in the study of Slavic languages, literatures, or other aspects of Slavic culture. Also Slavist.
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Nor will his Dijalekticki Antibarbarus ("The Dialectical Antibarbarus"), a polemic against Stalinism, which could have lost him his head, see the light of English soon, although in a better world it would be studied by every Anglo-American Slavicist and historian of Communism.
ANDREAS LEITNER, Professor at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, is a slavicist and philosopher.
1904), the Slavicist Renato Poggioli (1907-63), the polymaths Kenneth Burke (1897-1993) and R.
Ingrid Schafer on Boris Pasternak and Anna Akhmatova) or literary traditions (the excursus on the "third wave" of emigration by the Cologne Slavicist Wolfgang Kasack).