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(Placename) the Czech name for Austerlitz


(ˈɔ stər lɪts, ˈaʊ stər-)

a town in S Moravia, in the SE Czech Republic: Russian and Austrian armies defeated by Napoleon I 1805. Czech, Slavkov.
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SeeNews) - Dec 18, 2014 - Czech city of Slavkov u Brna has awarded a contract for the supply of natural gas andA system services in SlavkovA to one of the largest electricity and natural gas distributors in the country,A Centropol Energy AS.
Evgeniya Zhivkova, her brother Todor Slavkov and Communist party functionaries from the time of the regime are expected to attend the ceremony in Odarne.
The gang went to a Slavkov depot with forged paperwork saying the footbridge over a disused railway track had been condemned and had to come down.
The gang reportedly arrived at a depot in Slavkov, in the east of the country, with forged paperwork claiming that the footbridge over the disused railway track had to come down.
The opportunity arose with the fall of the communist regime in 1989, following subsequent visits to his maternal grandparents' home town of Slavkov (aka Austerlitz).
Within the family, her husband, Ivan Slavkov (a widower) becomes director-general of Bulgarian Television--now Bulgarian National Television--in 1977; this is, by the way, the same Slavkov whose later position with the Bulgarian Olympic Committee would end in controversy.
In the tiny village of Velky Slavkov, lying in the shadow of the High Tatra Mountains, a solitary man walked a deserted street.
Within the last year, Korea's Kim Un Yong has resigned from the IOC after being jailed for corruption while Bulgarian member Ivan Slavkov was expelled after being implicated in a vote-buying scandal exposed by the BBC's Panorama programme.
However, FA president Ivan Slavkov has backed the temperamental boss for now and said: "We do not approve of Stoichkov's behaviour in Sweden but, at present, Bulgaria does not need speculation about his future.
Reedie was forced on to the defensive by unfavourable International Olympic Committee reaction to the BBC Pano-rama documentary which led to Bulgarian representative Ivan Slavkov being suspended from the organisation.
IVAN SLAVKOV, the subject of bribery allegations made by the BBC's Panorama programme, was yesterday suspended from the International Olympic Committee as president Jacques Rogge warned of a ``zero-tolerance policy'' towards corruption.
THE International Olympic Committee yesterday provisionally suspended Bulgarian member Ivan Slavkov and rescinded his accreditation to the Athens Olympics following allegations of bribery made in a BBC Panorama documentary.