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(Placename) the Czech name for Austerlitz


(ˈɔ stər lɪts, ˈaʊ stər-)

a town in S Moravia, in the SE Czech Republic: Russian and Austrian armies defeated by Napoleon I 1805. Czech, Slavkov.
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VUES is headquartered in Mostecka, Czech Republic, with additional facilities in Jarni and Slavkov u Brna.
slavkov u brna, brno-idenice - brno-slatina "is to provide a substitute bus service replacing temporarily suspended public rail passenger transport on line 340 in the expected date from 9.
SeeNews) - Dec 18, 2014 - Czech city of Slavkov u Brna has awarded a contract for the supply of natural gas andA system services in SlavkovA to one of the largest electricity and natural gas distributors in the country,A Centropol Energy AS.