Old Church Slavonic

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Old Church Slavonic

The medieval Slavic language used in the translation of the Bible by Cyril and Methodius and in early literary manuscripts and from which the various forms of Church Slavonic developed. Also called Old Bulgarian.

Old Church Slavonic


Old Church Slavic

(Languages) the oldest recorded Slavonic language: the form of Old Slavonic into which the Bible was translated in the ninth century, preserved as a liturgical language of various Orthodox Churches: belonging to the South Slavonic subbranch of languages

Old′ Church′ Slavon′ic

(or Slav′ic),

the oldest attested Slavic language, extant in a group of manuscripts written before c1100, largely scripture and liturgical translations that were the outcome of Cyril and Methodius's mission to the Moravian Slavs in 863. Abbr.: OCS
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Noun1.Old Church Slavonic - the Slavic language into which the Bible was translated in the 9th century
Slavic, Slavic language, Slavonic, Slavonic language - a branch of the Indo-European family of languages
eslavo eclesiástico
старослов'янськастарослов'янська мова
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In some parishes--in Slavon, Ukranian, Gagauz or Bulgarian languages, depending on the nationality and preferencies of the faithful from the respectiv parish".
Jusqu'aux annees 1980, la liturgie, les celebrations et les chants avaient lieu en slavon liturgique, ce qui explique la frequentation du lieu par une majorite slavophone (Russes, Ukrainiens et Bulgares).
Stewart, one of a string of Greenhead College students to turn out for the Hall, scored both goals (Peter Slavon replied).