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a city in E central Ukraine, NW of Donetsk. 140,000.
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Implementing agency : Slavyansk Ambulance Station Is A Separate Structural Subdivision Of The Medical And Prophylactic Institution "Regional Center Of Emergency Medical Care And Disaster Medicine"
After Crimea was annexed, Russia failed to protect the Russians in Eastern Ukraine: Luhansk, Donetsk, and Slavyansk expressed secessionist desires, held referendums, and asked for a Russian peacekeeping force as they wished to be unified with Russia; Putin called upon the leaders to delay their referendums.
as you cross into Slavyansk, Sevastopol, Balaklava--
Although he is not as renowned in the fighting as rebel chiefs going by the names Motorola and Givi, he was one of the leaders in Slavyansk, a separatist bastion captured by Ukrainian forces after two months of fighting in July.
Now president of the Czech Association for District Heating, he mentioned the strategic importance of the area around Slavyansk - said to have large deposits of shale gas.
A soil sample showed that the army has used prohibited incendiary bullets near Slavyansk," a spokesman for the Russian investigating body said.
Earlier, self-defense fighters retreated from the embattled towns of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Artyomovsk and Druzhkova in the North of the Donetsk region after Ukrainian troops resorted to "carpet bombings", killing and wounding scores of civilians and destroying homes and major life-support facilities and infrastructure.
UKRAINE/ DEVELOPMENTS: Developments will be followed in Ukraine where one of the separatist fronts seized control of Slavyansk.
MOSCOW, July5 (KUNA) -- The Pro-Russia rebels withdrew from Slavyansk, the eastern city of Ukraine following three days of severe attacks from Ukrainian forces, said Ukrainian minister of interior Arsen Avakov on Saturday.
Army officials said the Mi-8 helicopter was downed outside the rebel stronghold city of Slavyansk, which has absorbed some of the heaviest fighting in Ukraine's Russified east.
Para el alcalde popular de Slavyansk, en el norte de Donetsk, Vyacheslav Ponomariov, Poroshenko es hombre de mentiras, a quien no se le puede creer ni confiar.
Insurgents on Friday shot down a Ukrainian military cargo plane near Slavyansk -- a rebel stronghold where many of the 120,000 residents have been forced to spend nights in basements because of the ceaseless fighting.