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n.1.The smooth, striated, or partially polished surfaces of a fissure or seam, supposed to have been produced by the sliding of one surface on another.
2.A variety of galena found in Derbyshire, England.
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Parallel layer slip to the west is a common feature within the different strata as revealed by slickensides and striae on bedding planes.
The prominent intersecting slickensides were observed in Bss horizon of the basalt derived Bidar soil, but only non-intersecting slickensides were found in both schist derived Hira soil and limestone derived Shahabad soil.
Networks of hair cracks and slickensides are often present in Ankara clay, and the surfaces of fragments are usually polished and glossy in nature.
Along the southern wall of the road cut, one can see prominent sub-horizontal slickensides carved into a highly fractured and brecciated cream- colored carbonate, indicating perhaps a shallow depth of deformation (Figs.
The claystone of the overlying Lontova Stage is disturbed by numerous slickensides increasing upwards in number.
In the case of Vertisols, the presence of smectites is responsible for their unique morphological properties, such as the clay content (>30%), shrink-swell activities, presence of slickensides, wedge-shaped peds, and gilgai microrelief.
Las caracteristicas dominantes de estos paleosuelos son la coloracion roja, con Hues 5YR y 7,5YR, values y chromas menores que 6, las texturas arcillosas, el buen desarrollo estructural y la presencia de argilanes, slickensides y horizontes natricos.
Underground examination and video-scope data indicates that discontinuities, such as naturally irregular joints and/or slickensides (Figures 3 and 4), adversely intersect the roof and reduce the action area of a single bolt, thus weakening the roof's integrity.
5-1cm diameter) within 23cm depth (ended by AC horizon), slickensides in A2 horizon, good biological activity.
clay throughout the profile except for thin surface layer; they crack when dry and have slickensides or lenticular peds.
Weathered granites exposed at the bottom of the lavaka contain hydrothermal mineralization and slickensides in faults.