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Of or relating to the transmission of electromagnetic signals through wires: a wireline network.
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The wireline services market is segmented based on wireline type into electricline and slickline.
The contract covers a range of well services including slickline, cased hole services and pumping services, as well as support in delivering coiled tubing services.
This involved plugging, cutting and perforating, using slickline and electric-line cased hole applications to gain access to the wells and allow circulation.
After the transaction, Reliance now has approximately 200 employees in the United States and Canada and the company's electric line and slickline fleet now consists of 78 units.
These wins have been followed by further contract extensions with key clients across the UK Continental Shelf for well test, clean-up and slickline services.
Our speciality is the supply of skilled contractors with highly specific niche skills and experience in areas such as well testing, slickline and coiled tubing.
It also has a separate Completion and Well Intervention Simulator Room with three other simulators, two of which replicate coiled tubing, slickline, electric line and snubbing operations - another first for the Sultanate.
Expro is one of the largest global providers of perforating services, providing slickline, e-line and tubing conveyed explosives services.
Eastern Reservoir Services (ERS) is one such company that provides flowback, slickline and testing services for some of the leading gas producers, including EQT, Dominion, Columbia Gas and National Fuel.
The new office, which comes under Target Well Control, an AlMansoori subsidiary, is offering a variety of products and services from directional drilling and slickline to production testing and inspection.
Under this contract, Halliburton will provide directional drilling, mud logging, cementing, coiled tubing, slickline, well testing, hydraulic fracturing, and completion equipment and services.