Slide box

(Steam Engine) a steam chest. See under Steam.

See also: Slide

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Material handling hoppers feature a proprietary positive alignment system and tapered slide box with expanded clearance angles for fast, accurate entry of forktruck forks into hopper base channels.
Of the 12 new products, Hope Super Lights will be sold in Hokkaido, Golden Bat Box and Golden Bat Menthol Box in Miyagi Prefecture, Alphabet H Side Slide Box, Alphabet R Side Slide Box, and Alphabet C Side Slide Box in Tokyo, SIESTA in Kanagawa Prefecture, Caster Cool Vanilla Menthol Box in Shizuoka Prefecture, Peace Aroma Menthol Box in Aichi Prefecture, Mild Seven Prime Box and Mild Seven Prime Lights Box in Osaka Prefecture, and Seven Stars Lights Box in Fukuoka Prefecture.
A slide box is a seedbed of the imagination, a record of memory, a resource.
Cleaning takes place by simply switching off the current after which the particles can be removed via a slide box.
Using this system, a student selects a blood film from a slide box and enters his or her name and the slide number into the computer.
Tenders are invited for Spring Terminal Block For Sm S Slide Box As Per Drg.
PT slides (stored in slide holders) remain on the bulletin board for about a week and then are filed in a slide box indefinitely.
Individual slides are not identified in any way, but the slide box is labeled with the patient's accession number.
Salem is being re-launched in April 2003 with a new "Stir the Senses" campaign, distinctive new box packaging across the family, and expanded availability of its Slide Box styles, Beasley said.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cabinet For 1000 Slides, Hot Air (50 Degree Celsius), Centrifuge Tube Graduated, Blow Piece With Bellows For Bending Glass, Water Bath And Slide Box F