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An athletic event in which skiers or snowboarders descend a series of ramps and other obstacles which they use in the execution of jumps and other maneuvers.
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Announcement of competition: There shall be established a new plant for freestyle with separate tracks for ski cross and slopestyle, with pathways lengths respectively.
At CairnGorm Mountain the Ptarmigan Slopestyle jam will be taking place.
A TEENAGER who used to detest skiing has come eighth in the British Slopestyle Championships in France.
Tuesday -- Nashoba Valley, USASA slopestyle competition for skiers and snowboarders.
The 2015 Air + Style: LA competing athletes include Sage Kotsenburg, 2014 Olympic gold medalist in snowboard slopestyle, Mark McMorris , 2014 Olympic bronze medalist in snowboard slopestyle, Bobby Brown , four-time Winter X Games ski slopestyle gold medalist as well as Joss Christensen , 2014 Olympic gold medalist in ski slopestyle.
1, so Indiana's Nick Goepper, bronze medalist in slopestyle skiing in Sochi, would qualify.
According to News24, Nick Goepper, a bronze medallist in slopestyle skiing, said that he was a little 'bummed' after he was told to keep his cellphone in his pocket as he tried to sneak a photo, adding that if they were allowed, there would have been 150 people with selfies with the president right now.
The team slopestyle battle begins at noon, with riders allowed 90 minutes to throw down their best runs.
At this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi, Bristol-based snowboarder Jenny Jones took on 22 rivals from 11 nations to win a bronze in slopestyle - Britain's first Olympic medal of any description in a snow event.
Elsewhere, we won an actual medal on the actual snow when Jenny Jones bagged a bronze in slopestyle and the BBC switchboard went into meltdown with people who have pokers up their bottoms complaining that the commentators lost their British resolve and cried on air.
And yet there has still been plenty to cheer about, including Jenny Jones's bronze in the slopestyle event (above), which was not only Great Britain's first medal of the Games, but its first ever to be won on snow.
Lizzy Yarnold, 25, won the country's first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in the skeleton while Jenny Jones took a bronze in snowboard slopestyle.