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Noun1.Slovenija - a mountainous republic in central EuropeSlovenija - a mountainous republic in central Europe; formerly part of the Habsburg monarchy and Yugoslavia; achieved independence in 1991
Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia
Slovene - a native of Slovenia
Slovenian - a native or inhabitant of Slovenia
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Implementing agency : Zavod Republike Slovenije za presaditve organov in tkiv Slovenija Transplant
The campaign, which also addressed climate change and environmental sustainability, featured a three-month-long outdoor photo exhibition in Ljubljana's Tivoli Park in collaboration with National Geographic Junior Slovenija and the city of Ljubljana.
Drawing on information from the Slovenian public service TV broadcaster RTV Slovenija and the British TV broadcaster Channel 4, this volume details a hybrid model of television broadcasting management within a social context that is impacted by political, economic, and cultural influences.
Banka Slovenija said on Tuesday that all banks and other institutions handling money are obligated to check euro bills before issuing them back out.
The minister made the statement during a TV Slovenija news show, after the government asked the Slovenia Sovereign Holding to examine the risks from a sale or a failure of the sale.
Lawmakers voted for changes the government said will lower the debt burden at companies and spur an economic recovery, according to a live broadcast on public broadcaster TV Slovenija in the capital Ljubljana.
The government is planning to partially privatize 15 state-run companies, including Slovenia's second-largest bank Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor, Ljubljana airport, Adria Airways airline and Telekom Slovenija communications operator.
23 March 2011 - Credit Agricole CIB, ING (AMS:INGA), Societe Generale CIB and UniCredit Banka Slovenija have served as joint lead-managers for the EUR1.
Pasirinktos salys: Lietuva, Cekija, Estija, Latvija, Lenkija, Slovakija, Slovenija, Vengrija, Rumunija ir Bulgarija.
An ATA Produkcija, Radio Televizija Slovenija production.
IF the thought of a glass of deep red wine accompanied by a plate of air-dried ham, fresh bread and olives appeals, then Slovenija Pursuits reckons the Vipava Valley in Primorska is the ideal holiday destination.
For something different try a farmhouse, cycling, walking, riding or skiing holiday with Slovenija Pursuits (01763 852646).

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