Slugging match

Slug´ging match

1.A boxing match or prize fight marked rather by heavy hitting than skill.
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Knight added another penalty to make it 18-7 at half time, YM needing to throw the ball around more rather than getting mixed in a slugging match among the forwards.
Both boxers were down three times in a real slugging match before the Geordie finished him off in the sixth round.
a[bar] We can define boundaries, but until we had gotten to a point when it was a slugging match and until we got to a point where we said, "OK, power under our Constitution is deliberately divided.
Lee Hatfield - another Wellington 10-stoner - made the most of his opportunity against Bilton Hall's Andrew Chance, winning on majority points after a slugging match.
The traditional slugging match between Intel and AMD will intensify in the ultra-thin laptop space when AMD launches its ultra-low power 40nm Hondo APUs next year.
This dream was soon dashed, and the Allies became reluctantly reconciled to a slugging match the length of the peninsula.
In the last year Khan has proved his chin in no longer an issue in a 12-round slugging match with big-punching Marcos Maidana, before his 'homecoming' was ruined by the premature stoppage of Paul McCloskey (Khan won all six rounds on every scorecard to win by technical decision).
Moments later the set-piece popped up, a slugging match erupted and even the scrum-halves Robert Jones and Nick Farr-Jones went toe-to-toe in trying to knock one another's heads off.
This was no St Valentine's Day massacre, more a hearty slugging match in which even the winner ended with a bloody nose.
The only real weapon in Roitman's armoury is a crunching forehand but when he tried to take Murray on in a forehand slugging match, he soon discovered the No.
SUGAR RAY LEONARD was guest of honour at the Stadium of Light - and the boxing legend will have appreciated the way United settled this slugging match with the heavyweight blows that mattered most.