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The books take place on the planet Mintop, a world not unlike Earth but filled with a wide variety of colorful alien species, with the squishy, noodly, sluggy slubes just one of many.
She proudly tells the Inquirer: 'My Pekingese pups, Sluggy and Sailor, will turn a year old on Dec.
Sluggy explained he was in charge of burying all sorts of deadly plastic bags or human waste under sands so that turtles and other ocean creatures would not try to eat them and die.
Sluggy Smith Evoco 10kW wind turbines worth PS5m switched off in Huddersfield Wish the lot of them would self destruct.
Copper bands or tape will emit a slight electric shock through the sluggy slime, which stops slugs attacking your precious produce, much as an electric fence helps farmers to contain livestock.
That's not stinkishly sluggy, but a Mooney J-model beats it by at least 5 knots and probably more on the same engine and fuel flow.
Host for the evening Andi Peters showed he knew his Gateshead from his Newcastle when judge Nicky Slater said he had loved going around Newcastle "especially that sluggy looking building".
If it is going to be wet and sluggy, it will all be about forward dominance.
When I first started reading Sluggy Freelance, I thought that it was not my cup of tea at all.
Her favourite colour at the moment is sluggy green.
The best of the best is Sluggy Freelance, the increasingly surreal adventures of Torg, inventor Riff, Bun Bun the psychopathic bunny, Ayleen the Alien and Kiki the intellectually-challenged ferret.
Probably never thought she'd be on national telly announcing: "Ugh, there's a sluggy thing in my knickers," but I'm glad she is.