Sluice gate

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Not a sluice gate, or a painted scale upon a post or wall, showing the depth of water, but seemed to hint, like the dreadfully facetious Wolf in bed in Grandmamma's cottage, 'That's to drown YOU in, my dears
In addition to the dispute over the sluice gate at Khlong Sam Wa, Sukhumbhand said he wants the government to regulate the water flow at two canals north of the Lad Krabang Industrial Estate by keeping the sluice gate level at 0.
They revealed his muddy trainer together with extra-large tracksuit bottoms and Ffion's empty brown handbag had been dumped on the day of the murder at a sluice gate in the town, half a mile from the scene.
The Auburn Pond dam, which was built in 1875 and is listed as a "significant hazard dam" by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, last had major renovations in 1965, when a new sluice gate was added, according to Matthew C.
Michael Ingall, 67, was working on a small hydro electric energy plant near Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, when he got caught in a sluice gate.
Once the water has been drained, silt will be collected and removed and the condition of the sluice gate and base of the lake will be inspected and repaired if necessary.
According to the South China Morning Post, villagers used homemade weapons, including petrol bombs, to keep more than 1,000 police officers from tearing down a sluice gate villagers had built in September to divert water to their fields.
Originally an area of marshy reeds and tidal flats, Shiodome, which means "tide stopper," was reclaimed under the shogunate and a sluice gate was installed to regulate the flow into the outer moat of Edo Castle.
Firefighters freed a man who became trapped by a four-tonne sluice gate.
A single spotlight on the sluice gate attracts the shrimp.
Tenders are invited for Providing Fabrication Erection And Commissioning of Railing Decking on Top of Gate Tower and Ladder work for Sluice Gate of Datuni Dam Project
The yob used bolt cutters on a sluice gate because he wrongly believed a Harley-Davidson had been dumped in the fishery.