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An owner of slum property, especially one that overcharges tenants and allows the property to deteriorate.


informal chiefly US and Canadian an absentee landlord of slum property, esp one who profiteers



a landlord who owns poorly maintained buildings, esp. one who charges exorbitant rents.
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He's not a slum lord like some people have been saying.
They sang and tapped their blues on Mississippi levees, on the rails, and into the Promised Land: Chicago, Up South, the High Rise Nest of Jim Crow, Slum Lord, Blue-Uniformed Overseer--No Place for a "Native Son" or a "Raisin in the Sun" to be
The turn away from the contextual narrative given by the slum residents above is subtle at parts--the Court sympathized with those without housing when it noted "the misery of the homeless" in having to pay slum lords but ultimately conflated these populations and held the Delhi government responsible for failing to prevent the growth of slums.
Scofflaw slum lords who have kept their properties in the worst conditions in order to maximize profits would be rewarded by the government for their behavior.
The days when the city regularly foreclosed upon slum lords property have passed; but in this tight housing market, foreclosures still presented enough of a threat to motivate the city to secure $14 million to repair or preserve deteriorating subsidized affordable housing.
The reason slum lords can survive in Ireland is because of the huge demand for homes.
There is some economic science behind slum lords," he said.
The measure was intended to make it easier for law enforcement to clear out crack houses and slum lords.
The petty Watsonville villains in Good Liberals, like Shaw or the sleazy slum lords, corrupt politicians, and rigid bureaucrats, correspond to types found almost anywhere, just as the events that occur in Watsonville resonate universally.
Most of the land staked and buildings seized during the Koch Administration's aggressive 1980s housing plan which sought to address the problem of "abandonment" which occurred when millions fled the gritty streets--while simultaneously calling many of the city's worst slum lords to the floor--has been exhausted.
ORGANIZATION'S PURPOSE: Work with local businesses and police personnel to clean up the neighborhood, eliminate slum lords, enhance public education programs and eliminate crime.
But if landlords can't manage their buildings without poisoning children, they should get out of the real estate business--it's only the slum lords who need fear this new law.