smart ass

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smart′ ass`

Slang: Sometimes Vulgar. n.
1. a wise guy; know-it-all.
2. Also, smart′-ass`, smart′-assed`. characteristic of a wise guy; cocksure and often insolent.
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28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dirty Words and a Smart Ass might not have appeared on stage, but the games were included in the presenter and performer gift bags at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.
The duo decided to share their journey with the world via Facebook and Instagram and is now developing a blog covering all health topics under the Smart Ass Kitchen brand.
Biographer Levin, an acknowledged clone, says some athletes hate the Jungle because Rome is a smart ass and he will instigate his clones against certain players, which makes life a nightmare for them.
Everyone Can be a Smart Ass The other game that surprised and entertained the VIPs is the new, popular party game, Smart Ass.
Now that's a phrase that sounds like it was coined a century ago by some oft-quoted smart ass but I've just made it up and it means absolutely nothing, which is what welshers usually pay.
I ATTEMPTED to be a smart ass before our game with Brechin last week when I asked Ayr manager Campbell Money if someone had tried to iron his wrinkly tracksuit with a pogo stick.
Now, Kane does say some things which I think are way off the mark, but I'd rather listen to her than someone who thinks he's a smart ass because he can work an abacus.
The promise is ``if you can't stand a smart ass and would like to see them knocked down a peg or two, then this is the show for you''.
BBC2 are working on a show to replace The Simpsons called Nobody Likes A Smart Ass (three big-heads take on the audience).
It's littered with latter day talents such as John Thompson, Fay Ripley, Helen Baxendale and James Nesbitt in his only role that doesn't scream, "I'm an Irish smart ass, please punch me.
Smart Ass the Board Game by University Games is the ultimate trivia game played in an unconventional way.
As I said, I haven't hit rock bottom yet, although by tipping up THE HOLLOW BOTTOM and SMART ASS you would think I'm close to it.