Smelting furnace

(Metal.) a furnace in which ores are smelted or reduced.

See also: Smelting

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In order to further reduce the consumption values of such a system and thus to increase both energy efficiency and resource conservation, the smelting furnace manufacturer, ZPF GmbFI, has now extended its concept with additional components: By incorporating a so-called burner air preheating, in which the warm exhaust gas volume flow is passed through a pipe system to a heat exchanger, the system operator has more room for maneuver--with lower pollutant emissions and lower gas consumption.
Now Fabrimetal is expanding its factory and installing a fourth smelting furnace, which should double the plant's monthly production capacity to 15,000 tonnes.
I believe it's time for all those metal containers to be scrapped and consigned to a smelting furnace in a foundry.
Tenders are invited for dbmc bricks for flash smelting furnace
Tenova Pyromet's involvement in the project covers the PGM smelting furnace, feed system and off gas handling plant, as well as the furnace building and all associated civil works, infrastructure and services.
The water model used in our experiment references a company's bottom blown oxygen copper smelting furnace as shown in Figure 1.
which consists of 8 packages--package I for Jetty & Facilities, package II for: Belt Conveyors, package III FeNi Plant-1, package IV Ore Preparation & Calcination, package V Ladle Furnace, package VI Electric Smelting Furnace, package VII Oxygen Plant and package VIII a coal-fired power plant.
Here, in all of its eye-popping, ear-thumping glory is a huge, 360 multimedia presentation designed to show you just how hard, hot and heavy it must have been to work in a smelting furnace.
Plus it will increase the capability of the Ausmelt so eventually it can become our only smelting furnace and allow us to convert the old reverberatory furnace, which is responsible for most roof level emissions, into a holding furnace.
Under the contract, it will design and supply a new copper flash smelting furnace and related services to Serbian copper miner RTB Bor.
Blaydon Metals Ltd, of Factory Road, Blaydon, Gateshead, pleaded guilty to 12 offences under pollution prevention and control regulations in respect of breaches of its permit to operate an aluminium smelting furnace, which it used for melting scrap metal.